The focus of my work is to make things that are beautiful in design, materials and craftsmanship. As I work only on commissioned pieces, what you see on my website are things I have been asked to make. These pieces serve to give you some idea of the experience and skills I have to bring to your project, but they do not encompass what I can do for you. Many designs and materials remain waiting for the right client.

Over the past thirty years I have studied a variety of disciplines to develop the skills I enjoy working with today. In some of my recent work I have been able to bring my fine art training to the projects. It has been very exciting to see how the use of images that have meaning for the client enrich the piece with a more personal and poetic dimension. Originality does not have to depend on novelty, and the piece does not have to be old to have soul. I believe that these qualities can be achieved through the marriage of fine art and fine craftsmanship, in the creation of functional objects of beauty tailored to the person they are being made for.

I will be bringing more color and texture into my future work, as I explore ways to express the poetic dimension of the objects I create. Doors, beds, and fireplace surrounds serve significant functions in our world, and appeal to me also for their universal metaphors and emotion associations.


Commissioning a piece moves along in stages, to ensure that you will be happy with the work. The first step is to view my website to get an idea of the skills I have to bring to your project. I can design and make almost anything you can imagine. If you find this encouraging, the next step is typically a meeting at my studio to discuss what you would like me to do for you. I can work from a specific design you have, create a companion piece in the style of something you already have, or design a piece uniquely yours. This meeting is about my discovering as much as possible about what you like, as well as what you want. Any thing that you like that you can show me at this first meeting is helpful. I also have examples of work other than my own to see what you respond to. It is at this time that we will discuss the budget you would like me to work with, as this is critical to the direction of the design phase, which comes next.

The design process also moves in stages, beginning with some simple sketches to see if you like my initial direction. This stage of the project is paid for on an hourly basis with an initial payment, based on the scope of the project, for the preliminary drawings. We proceed from sketches to developed drawings as we reach an understanding of what you are looking for. With projects that are especially sculptural, we may need to have a three dimensional model to see what the piece will look like. This sofa is an example of a piece that was large and complicated enough to warrant a model.


Once the design is agreed upon I can, in most cases, give you a fixed price and completion time for the project. If we are in accord, I ask for one half of the cost of the piece to begin work, with the remainder due on delivery. During the construction phase you will get updates on the progress, including email images, every two weeks. With clear goals and communication, commissioned work can be an exciting, collaborative adventure in the creation of something new and beautiful.


This website is the creative gift of my wife Rose Sellery.

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